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Project Details

Customer: Energy Development & Production Operator

Location: Regional Queensland, Australia

Work: Major Inspection

Date: October 2023 to November 2023

Project Personnel: Thirteen AJSS Team Members

Case Study


AJ Stack Solutions undertook a comprehensive Major Inspection project on a GE Frame 6B engine at a prominent power station. The project aimed to refurbish the Gas Turbine engine, allowing it to return to full operational service. The inspection encompassed a detailed examination and replacement of critical components, disassembly and subsequent reassembly within a specified timeline. AJSS also assisted with the commissioning of the unit which included correcting alignments of the unit, performing hot and cold commissioning checks and vibration analysis during start-ups.



The project consisted of three stages; disassembly, inspection and reassembly. The goal was to inspect, repair and replace components within the engine to allow the unit to return to service after being condemned by the OEM. The project required adherence to strict safety protocols and an application of industry best practices to guarantee the successful completion of the inspection and maintenance tasks.



AJSS mobilized a dedicated team, comprising of skilled personnel, including a project supervisor, technical assistant, rigger, mechanical fitters, machinists and boiler makers.

The disassembly phase involved the careful removal of numerous components, such as the enclosure roof, walling, all upper turbine cases, flame detectors, fuel lines, nozzles and more. Safety protocols were paramount, with lift plans created for each lift, detailed safety documents such as SWMS, risk assessments and permits produced for each task and detailed accounts of working man hours and safety statistics documented.

During the inspection phase, a comprehensive list of replacement parts were provided by the customer to overhaul and rebuild critical components. Adjustments to the original scope were made, and emergent work outside the initial plan was addressed.

The reassembly phase involved the installation of new components, bump tests to determine rotor position, and careful reinstallation of various parts. Flange management procedures were implemented to ensure the integrity of connections, with any discrepancies promptly identified and rectified.



The successful completion of the Major Inspection was achieved late November, 2023. The rotor was reinstalled without incidents, and all components were fitted within GE tolerances. The reassembly and testing procedures ensured the turbine unit met or exceeded operational standards. The site was restored to its original state, with thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the package.

This project exemplifies AJSS’ commitment to delivering high-quality solutions within specified timelines while prioritizing safety, adherence to contractual obligations, and attention to detail. The successful outcomes demonstrate AJSS expertise in handling complex inspections and maintenance projects within the power generation sector.

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