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Project Details

Customer: Independent infrastructure fund management firm

Location: Western Australia, Australia

Work: Power Station Gas Turbine Desktop Review

Date: July 2021

Project Personnel: Anthony Ryan, Peter Hootsen, Robert Graf

Case study


A customer requested AJSS to undertake a desktop assessment of the current condition of seven gas turbine engines located at their power station in Western Australia in July of 2021.

The customer owned the power station and provided power to the local power system.

With the growth of alternative power sources in the region, such as wind turbines and the aging of the existing equipment, the customer engaged AJSS to provide a desktop review of the existing equipment’s current condition to determine economic resale value.


The objective was to deliver an overview of the current health status and condition of each engine with recommendations to assist the customer in recognising whether there is any potential resale value. The purpose of undertaking the desktop review was to provide the reader with a preliminary asset condition assessment through reviewing existing documentation, reports and performance data.


The review assessed condition-based information supplied by the customer, including run hours, vibration data, engine performance data, lube oil analysis and borescope reports. The Condition-Based and Financial Assessments were carried out on all seven gas turbine engines.


From the data and information supplied, an indicative engine condition and resale viability were delineated, although it is important to note that it was certainly not conclusive.

From the outcomes of the Condition and Financial assessments, the limiting aspects and resale viability were identified for each engine.

AJSS made recommendations on how to provide a more accurate, up-to-date and package-encompassing assessment. Recommendations were also made on how the customer could maintain the potential resale value of the viable turbine engines.

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