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AJ Stack Solutions are building their workforce in 2023

We are thrilled to welcome our newest dynamic talent as we embark on an exciting phase of growth and development. To expand our capabilities and further strengthen our position within relevant industries, we have hired five new employees to bring a wealth of expertise and a shared passion for building AJSS to new heights.

Keiran Clarke is a Digital Content Developer who has expertise in Unity programming. He has an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the user experience, enabling Stacked Learning to build high quality modules for customers with his influence.

Mido Ogail is a Rotating Equipment Engineer with over 4 years of experience in the field with focus on operation and maintenance of FPSOs and fixed offshore platforms. Mido’s mechanical engineering experience will provide AJSS’s customers with a high level of expertise in the field, while located in Perth.

Daniel Abbott is a Business Analyst who has been developing AJSS with various business related activities. He is using previous skills and knowledge in data analysis, finance and marketing to progress AJSS as a business.

Max Tolliday is an Engineering Intern who is assisting AJSS with asset management, single point failure and vibration analysis. He is also using his engineering knowledge to create content with our Content Development Team to build Stacked Learning’s modules into an excellent hands-on and risk-free environment.

The arrival of our new employees marks an exciting chapter in AJSS’s growth and innovation. Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspective that complements our vision to provide leading engineering solutions.

"Certainly recommend AJSS..."

"One thing that really impressed me about Arthur and the team at AJSS was their attitude to customer feedback and continuous improvement – always striving to better and deliver customer satisfaction"

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer

"Your facility and setup were of the highest standard..."

“Your people, without exception were friendly and professional. Your facility and setup were of the highest standard and the attention to detail was exemplary”

Senior Project Manager

"I can honestly say this was the best learning experience..."

“I can honestly say this was the best learning experience I have had for a long time. The information was relevant and delivered in an engaging way by industry experts that have actually been there and done the things they are teaching. Far from death by power point with the ability to answer questions in detail. To anyone in the oil/gas/chemicals space working with turbines and compressors I highly recommend AJSS.”

Process Team Leader

"I learned so much from your experts..."

“The training was informative and varied I learned so much from your experts. I now feel that I can really apply the knowledge to my day to day work in the field”

Graduate Rotating Equipment Engineer