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AJSS are launching our second product this year and we wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peak before the official release in September.

gSentinel Monitoring

The gSentinel is a long-term data logger designed for anyone transporting valuable equipment over long distances or difficult terrain and requiring an assurance of condition after the journey is complete.

What is the gSentinel?

The gSentinel is an AJSS-designed data logger designed to provide very long-term monitoring of impacts on equipment. The gSentinel has the capability to log critical impacts over extended periods of time during shipping and storage. The data provides a record of the history of excessive impacts prior to the equipment being placed in service.

What can I use this for?

We originally designed the gSentinel for transporting rotating equipment, but it can be used to provide long-term safety monitoring of any type of equipment sensitive to impact damage.

Why is it different from other monitoring products?

The gSentinel is designed for maximum operating battery life of 500+ days and can be installed on any item that will be shipped, stored and left unattended for extended periods of time. It operates continuously once activated and the USB port allows data to be downloaded to record the event log to a tablet or PC. Memory capacity is set at over 6000 events.

How is the data interpreted?

AJSS provides a service that matches the settings of gSentinel to the specific equipment requirements based on OEM specifications and methods of shipment. At suitable times during the transport and storage cycle of the equipment, data can be downloaded and transmitted to AJSS for expert analysis and report creation.

Rent or Buy?

Depending on your application, you can choose to rent or buy a gSentinel unit. Please contact us to discuss pricing and help us work out a plan that’s best suited to your needs.

Contact us for more information or to place your order.

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