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We hope our training course gave you all the technical skills and abilities required for your relevant industries.

Firstly, AJSS would like to extend our thanks for your attendance! Constantly sharing knowledge with our customers and leveraging our unique approach to training incentivises us to constantly develop new learning techniques.

Our Multi-Customer Training extended across three days covering many different areas to build the technical expertise of our customers.


Day 1:

The technical training on Gas Turbine and Centrifugal Gas Compressor Operations and Maintenance begun with a few basics on the first day to familiarise our trainees with the fundamental concepts of the equipment. After a brief introduction and interactive ice breaking session, site safety was emphasised to ensure safe working practices are followed at all times. The training continued discussing turbomachinery configurations, applications and basic fundamental principles governing Gas Turbine operations. An interactive session on how to read and locate equipment within P&ID’s. To close off the day, our trainees learnt how to complete package and enclosure installations.


Day 2:

After another safety briefing to begin the day, our team discussed the accessory systems within a Gas Turbine package such as the Lube Oil, Fuel, Start, Electrical and Control systems. The training then moved focus to the driven equipment focusing on Centrifugal Gas Compressor theory and Controls where a yard valve sequencing simulator was used to show students a yard valving sequence being completed right in front of them. Students were then required to complete a full start and yard valve sequence in an interactive session to close out day two.


Day 3:

To solidify the importance of mastering safety within all industries, a final safety induction was completed to open the final day. The final day consisted of hands on activities where students were led through Gas Turbine maintenance tasks and concepts. Maintenance tasks such as borescoping, water washing, alignment, oil and vibration analysis were discussed with hands on activities to complete an actual borescoping on a Centaur 40 and taking vibration measurements allowed students to gain real world knowledge on how to complete tasks they would complete onsite. To close out the course, troubleshooting methodologies and a group discussion was completed to teach our customers the ability to solve serious issues or faults from limited information they were given.

Over the three day course, several interactive exercises ranging from P&ID drawing interpretations, case studies and completing real world maintenance tasks on equipment were completed to break up the content heavy sessions and give our customers hands on tasks to solidify their knowledge further through the concept of ‘learning by doing’.

To allow revision of the training concepts beyond the in-person training, limited access was given to the attendees to complete the online interactive training modules on Stacked Learning covering the topics taught within the training session.

AJSS provides many training courses throughout the year at different locations around Australia so if you need any further training on gas turbines and centrifugal gas compressors, or if you are just a beginner, we can help you and are happy to help.

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"Certainly recommend AJSS..."

"One thing that really impressed me about Arthur and the team at AJSS was their attitude to customer feedback and continuous improvement – always striving to better and deliver customer satisfaction"

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer

"Your facility and setup were of the highest standard..."

“Your people, without exception were friendly and professional. Your facility and setup were of the highest standard and the attention to detail was exemplary”

Senior Project Manager

"I can honestly say this was the best learning experience..."

“I can honestly say this was the best learning experience I have had for a long time. The information was relevant and delivered in an engaging way by industry experts that have actually been there and done the things they are teaching. Far from death by power point with the ability to answer questions in detail. To anyone in the oil/gas/chemicals space working with turbines and compressors I highly recommend AJSS.”

Process Team Leader

"I learned so much from your experts..."

“The training was informative and varied I learned so much from your experts. I now feel that I can really apply the knowledge to my day to day work in the field”

Graduate Rotating Equipment Engineer